The best performance marketing reading resources

As a performance marketeer it is super important you are updated with all the latest news and insights. The good part is we are in 2022 where everyone is trying some growth hacks and sharing them.

The bad part you ask? Too much info can also be scary. So here’s my effort to document some of the key resources I always look up to for inspiration.

Here are some of my favorite performance marketing resources


This is a weekly list of customer acquisition and retention news. These are handpicked by the team and this ensures you keep getting original essays and invitations to special events.


A collection of compelling, beautifully crafted ads, delivered straight to your inbox once a week in an easy-to-read, digestible email.👇

3. Thesis

4. AppAgent Video series

5. Mobile User Acquisition Show

6. Matej’s blog

7. Demand Curve – weekly newsletter

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