PM Hacks: How to mine Apple Search Ads keyword ideas via FB ads?

Hi all,

So as a performance marketer you know ASA is one of the biggest UA channels. This is further verified by Appsflyer’s latest power index.

Multiple clients in our portfolio faced a drop in iOS UA performance across FB, Google UAC etc.

Here I came across this interesting method to mine keyword ideas for Apple Search Ads

Step 1: Click on view charts for the highest spending campaign you want to get insights.

Step 2: Go to the platform section and download reports

We can add these app names as keywords in the competitors’ campaigns for Apple Search Ads.

Try to ensure that you add similar themes in a single ad group. Adding 100s of keywords without the same theme can backfire as well.

Here are a few common themes we come across:

-> hypercasual games

-> media publishing houses

-> simulation games

-> puzzle games

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