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Simulation Games Ad Creative Trends & Strategy in 2022

Simulation games have always been close to my heart since my childhood days. Starting from EA Games “The Sims” to “Roller Coaster Tycoon.” These games always gave me a sense of accomplishment, power, and escapism from reality. They’re easy to play with and fun to engage with, and some of them can last for years. […]

PM Hacks: 4 must-have custom metrics for mobile apps running Facebook ads

If you are just getting started with Facebook ads or even if you have been running Facebook ads for some time, the ‘custom metrics’ are super important. Essentially, with custom metrics on Facebook – you can use your calculation or formula that is not available in FB’s standard reporting metrics. Custom metrics on Facebook ads […]

5 performance marketing gurus/mentors I look up to and why?

I personally believe having a mentor is super important. A mentor helps and navigates various life decisions whenever you are in a dilemma. A mentor is someone who acts as an advisor to a less experienced individual, known as their mentee. Typically, individuals seek mentors who work in their same or desired field. My personal […]

PM Hacks: How to mine Apple Search Ads keyword ideas via FB ads?

Hi all, So as a performance marketer you know ASA is one of the biggest UA channels. This is further verified by Appsflyer’s latest power index. Multiple clients in our portfolio faced a drop in iOS UA performance across FB, Google UAC etc. Here I came across this interesting method to mine keyword ideas for […]

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