Simulation Games Ad Creative Trends & Strategy in 2022

Simulation games have always been close to my heart since my childhood days.

Starting from EA Games “The Sims” to “Roller Coaster Tycoon.” These games always gave me a sense of accomplishment, power, and escapism from reality.

They’re easy to play with and fun to engage with, and some of them can last for years. Simulation games are fairly easy to explain. It’s a genre where things happen automatically, and you just kind of push things along in certain directions with your decisions.

Fast-forward a decade later – there are thousands of mobile simulation games across Google Play and the App Store.

Top Simulation Games For Android (Google Play Store):

  1. AltLife
  2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp
  3. The Escapists 2
  4. Fallout Shelter
  5. FPV Freerider
  6. Game Dev Tycoon
  7. Kairosoft games
  8. Mini Metro
  9. Motorsport Manager Mobile 3
  10. My Time in Portia

Top Simulation Games for iOS

  1. Plague Inc.
  2. Fallout Shelter
  3. The Sims Mobile
  4. Penguin Isle
  5. Animal Crossing
  6. GT. Racing 2
  7. Evil Hunter Tycoon
  8. Rebel Inc.
  9. Retro Bowl
  10. Stardew Valley

Current trends in Mobile Simulation Games:

  • Game Trailers
    • Show additional aspects of the game
    • Overlays on top appealing to different player motivations
  • Before & After
    • Showcasing the before and after in home makeover games.

1. Idle Home Makeover

The ad shows the transformation of a home in fast-paced motion. This ad is winning since it challenges users with the text overlay “Can you do it within 12 hours?”

The users also see a clear progression which might further motivate them to download the game.

As per Bigspy stats, the ad had more than 38.4 Million impression

2. Real Home Decor

The ad has more than 125M impressions as per BigSpy stats. The ad is winning because it shows a clear transformation by showcasing “BEFORE” and “AFTER” versions.

The text overlay on top of “The Most Relaxing Game of 2018” further appeals to the biggest player motivation “relaxation”.

3. Train Station – Game On Rails

The split-screen comparison of level 27 vs level 438 shows users a clear view on how the game progresses.

The ad targets the user with motivation “exploration” as well.

4. Life Simulator 2

The ad starts with the strong hook “Begin your life as a poor guy”. Then the ad further builds up and shows avenues to earn money, meet a girl and start a new family.

The ad ends with a strong CTA “Reach great success“.

The ad appeals to users motivated by accomplishment and escapism.

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