I’m Aniruddha Mishra – A performance Marketer

I am a Chemical Engineer on paper but a performance marketer by heart.

Currently, I manage mobile marketing campaigns for Rocketship HQ’s key clients. I have an overall experience of over 7 years in Digital and Growth Marketing. Aniruddha received his B.Tech from Jaypee University and his General Management diploma from IIM Bangalore.

While I am not working I love to go out playing badminton, writing (poems), swimming, and trying out various delicacies.

Key channels managed: Facebook, Google, Apple Search, TikTok, Snap, DSPs, Ad Networks.

Key verticals managed: Gaming, Lifestyle, Dating, Education, Fintech, E-commerce

Read what my clients, colleagues, and mentees have to say about him:

It’s been awesome knowing and working with Aniruddha as his efforts brought down our acquisition costs. Aniruddha is insightful, knows the digital audience, has a knack for details, and is always up for interesting experiments. Aniruddha worked on our project for digital advertising and helped us bring down our install acquisition costs and female acquisition costs with his extensive knowledge. Aniruddha has also been a mentor to my team explaining the nitty-grittys of campaign optimizations. His inputs have helped us even scale our campaigns. Not only this, Aniruddha keeps himself updated on the latest trends in digital marketing and it is always a treat to discuss anything to do with digital.

Ravi Mittal, Founder of QuackQuack.in

Only one word that comes to mind when I think of Aniruddha, and that’s DEDICATED. A consummate professional at all times, Aniruddha has been instrumental in our company’s growth at hampr.

Always patient, Aniruddha consistently gives 100% of himself to reaching goals while remaining experimental and thoughtful in creative campaigns. He has become a true extension of our team and we wouldn’t be where we are without his consistency and drive. Aniruddha doesn’t just manage expectations, he makes marketing magic happen. Working alongside him has been a true joy.

Cali Comeaux, Marketing Manager at hampr

Multitasker + innovator is what sets Aniruddha apart. It has been great working with him since last one year. I was impressed with his unique ability to follow data and move things fast to grow. He has immense knowledge of digital marketing, web analytics and always finds smart ways to get better results. He is one of the best clients I have worked with and I am sure Aniruddha would be a true asset to any organization.

Rahul Agrawal, Client Partner at Facebook

“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do.”

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