5 performance marketing gurus/mentors I look up to and why?

10 Things To Consider When Looking For A Professional Mentor

I personally believe having a mentor is super important. A mentor helps and navigates various life decisions whenever you are in a dilemma.

A mentor is someone who acts as an advisor to a less experienced individual, known as their mentee. Typically, individuals seek mentors who work in their same or desired field.

My personal favorite digital marketing gurus:

1. Shamanth Rao

Shamanth runs rocketshiphq.com and also hosts a super popular podcast mobileuseracquisitionshow.com.

He has led user acquisition activity for mobile apps leading up to 3 exits in the last 7+ years – Bash Gaming(acquired by Game Show Network for $170mm), PuzzleSocial(acquired by Zynga), and FreshPlanet(acquired by Gameloft).

2. Thomas Petit

Thomas has worked with 100+ businesses from MVP to unicorns. He is a full-stack digital marketer. He currently focuses on B2C iOS apps which are mostly subscription-driven.

He also runs a weekly newsletter – go ahead and subscribe here: https://madv.substack.com.

3. Eric Seufert

Eric is another industry veteran who runs https://mobiledevmemo.com. He is a media strategist, quantitative marketer, and author who has spent his career working for transformative consumer technology and media companies.

4. Adam Lovallo

Adam co-founded Grow.co to help organize the growth community. Grow.co is a community and events series for growth professionals by growth professionals. He hosts MAU (mau.grow.co), an annual conference for mobile growth and product professionals.

5. Matej Lancaric

Matej has been in the games industry for almost a decade. He has been helping several talented developers across the globe with multi-channel user acquisition strategies, soft launch and global launch planning and general marketing/business advisory for more than five years.

You can visit his blog at https://lancaric.me

Honorable mention: Ravi Mittal

Ravi founded one of the biggest Indian dating apps Quackquack.in. I have known Ravi since my college days. I have worked with him on scaling FB, Google ads for their business goals. I have also mentored the 5 members digital marketing team at QuackQuack.in

Ravi has guided me at various stages of my personal and professional life.

Few qualities one should seek in their mentor:

  • they support your growth (personal and professional).
  • they serve as a source of knowledge.
  • they can help set goals (whenever you are in a dilemma – I personally feel you should set your goals first and then seek a mentor’s opinion).
  • they maintain accountability.
  • they offer encouragement.
  • they help make connections i.e. expand your network.
  • they are willing to listen (and more importantly have time for you).
  • they serve as a trusted ally.
  • they offer constructive feedback.
  • they provide guidelines.
  • they have relevant experience.
  • they are a free resource (if you are paying a mentor that defeats the purpose).

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